Sunday, December 04, 2016

Its a very personal, very important thing... are you ready Cosmo's, just want to make sure your ready....... Show Me The Money!!! 

The 2016 Grant Season is Open!!!

Maybe Manziel should take a lesson from McGuire... Hard work comes before the money.  We Cosmo's work hard to raise a significant amount of money for local causes now it time to... show them the money.  Please take a moment and consider any of the charities you may know that would be worthy recipients and forward the following Grant Application file to them.  The file can be filled out by hand, but is designed to fill out and submit back as a Microsoft Word Document.  The Grant Applications are due back by March 7, 2016, the Grant Awards Presentation Lunch will be April 21, 2016. Thanks for all you do.

2016 Cosmopolitan Grant Application

Kris Tumilowicz

2016 Charities Board Chairman

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Charles G. Uram Award

Presented by the Rockford Cosmopolitan Club

in partnership with CFNIL

Winners of the Charles G. Uram Lifetime Service Award
2005 Dale Sanders
2006 Harry Ritter
2007 Dan Loescher
2008 Jim Keeling
2009 Phil Turner
2010 Barbara Berman
2011 John Mink
2012 Jean Morrow
2013 Roger Reithmeier
2014 Paul Logli

2015 WINNER – Fred Muehlfelder !!!

 (Gigi's Playhouse – nominating organization winner!)


Welcome Rockford Cosmos!

The Rockford Cosmopolitan Club has upgraded its website v.2013!!!

The following form will assist you in logging in and rsvp'ing for lunches and events.  

RSVP Instructions for the Rockford Cosmopolitan Club v2013

There will be some bumps as we all acclimate to the new site.  Lets all work together to ensure we get the most out of it.  Please email Dayton Smith III if you have any issues or questions and we will work to together to resolve them.

New Member Application: RFD_Membership_App

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Rockford is a mid-sized city located on both banks of the Rock River in far northern Illinois. Rockford is often referred to as "The Forest City" and is the county seat of Winnebago County, Illinois, USA. As reported in the 2010 census estimate, it is said to have a population of 152,871; making it the third-largest city in Illinois after Chicago and Aurora. The metropolitan area has 348,360 residents as of the 2010 census. During the latter part of the 20th century Rockford was the second largest city in Illinois. The current mayor is Lawrence J. Morrissey, an independent elected to his third four year term in April 2013.